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05 July 2012 @ 03:42 am
Collection 2  

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Ashely Asymmetrical Skirt II 

Summer Pink
Available in size S and M

Ashley Asymmetrical skirt falls below the ankle, goes perfect with heels or wedges. Non elastic, zipper on left, hidden side pocket, short inner lining. Chiffon material.  Perfect Outfit for Summer! More colours Available here!

Breezy Skirt 
Plum / Sand

Breezy Skirt is a flare chiffon mid-length skirt. Falls below knee. Elastic Comfortable, Chiffon material.
Comes with free brown thin belt. Suitable for size S - M. 

Breezy Pants II
Brown /  Summer Pink

Breezy Pants is a loose bottom skirt/pants. Falls below knee. Elastic Comfortable Chiffon material.
Comes with free brown thin belt. Suitable for size S - M. 

Tasha Two-way Chiffon 

Orange / Green

Tasha Two-way Chiffon is a versatile two-way top. Can be worn front and back for different styles.
Sheer Material. Suitable for size S to M. Must-have item! 

Sachi Square Blouse


Sachi Square Blouse is a loose chiffon blouse. Detail cut on shoulders, long hem, sheer. 
Suitable for size S - M. 

 Metal Shoulder Top


Metal Shoulder Top is a sleeve less top. Stud details, and thin shoulder pad lining on both shoulders. Dart line at waist back to accentuate waist line. Cotton Material. Suitable for size S to M. 




Sandra Pearly Shirt
Orange / Black / White

Sandra Pearly Shirt is a long sleeve buttoned shirt. Non sheer, Cotton material, Long hem.
Sewn on pearls at collar. Suitable for S - M size. 





Tiffany Chiffon 

Pink & Black / Beige & Black   
Black & Nude / Navy & Nude 
Cobalt & Nude 

Tiffany Chiffon is a long sleeve boat neck Top. Light and Comfy. See-through Sleeves with Elastic wrists.
Suitable for size S - M. 

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